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Video fire curtain

The fire curtain RETOM model T/HBV/E is a very important element in the stage equipment as function, of preventing the passage of smoke and flames in case of fire, his is a great responsibility and it is imperative that your I operation is reliable, fast and secure.

For these reasons Industrias Maquiescenic, submitted this item to a fire resistance test according to UNE 23-802-79 for compliance with the required specifications and check the time that this element is stable against the flames. The results were excellent. The frame can be made of a single sheet or more, depending on the space available on the stage area to proceed to the concealment thereof in its rest position. Said frame is mobilized using a team of winch patented engine that has a winder drum screw coupled to the drive gear and a hydraulic system for controlling the descent by gravity of the frame, producing a fully adjustable ramp rate down when the frame is close to closing dimension. Instead of the power package, driving the curtain can be effected by hydraulic cylinder unit powered by.

The movement of the frame is facilitated by the use of counterweights located on the sides thereof in an appropriate amount to the total weight of the structure that constitutes said frame, while the fire resistance thereof is adjusted as requested by the customer with the use of suitable mineral fibers therein. The control system is connected to the fire curtain fire protection system of the building, so that when emergencies occur, the curtain completely sealed isolate of fire and smoke the stalls the stage for a period of time sufficient to allow correct evacuation of the building.


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